Because of the growing interest in radiant heating and snow melting systems for drives and walkways, it is increasingly common to encounter job specifications that call for locating insulated electrical cables in concrete slabs at the time they are poured. Although the electrical contractor is responsible for the actual installation of the cable, the concrete contractor is very directly concerned with such problems as cable spacing and the provision of a dependable anchorage. Anchorage usually presents the most difficult problem. Of the methods available, they are all time consuming, they do not hold the cable taut, and they provide no protection for the cable during the installation. The special anchor was developed to solve these very problems. It consists of two circular fiber discs, one of larger diameter than the other, with a hole through the center. One anchor provides for minimum cable spacing of 1 inch but the use of two anchors for each cable loop will make provision for any desired spacing. Contractors report that they save time and labor and do a better job than was possible with other methods.