A new panelized building system has been developed and is now in commercial use. The patented system is a combination of conventional shotcreting techniques and a form panel that becomes an integral part of the finished wall. The result is a reinforced concrete wall produced at a substantial saving over masonry construction. With a wide variety of interior and exterior finishes possible, the wall system can be used for many types of commercial and industrial construction as well as for residential buildings. The system begins with a panel or framework constructed of lightweight angle and channel steel frames very similar to those used for metal studing in commercial and residential construction. Form panels for a given job may be preassembled on or off the jobsite in suitable sizes for walls, floors and roofs. The framing material is precast for easy assembly and frame members are prepunched for the insertion of reinforcing bars at intervals in cross hatch fashion. No special framing is required for doors, windows or other openings. Control joints are built into the system. Used as a backing, sheetrock or other suitable interior material laminated with sheets of polyurethane or styrene of insulating and vapor barrier qualities completes and panel for erection. The only tools required for assembly and erection of the panels are a screw gun to lock the channel pieces together and pliers for wire-tying the rebars where they intersect.