The New PJRC160 allows the user to cut up to #5 rebar cordlessly. The portability of the tool allows for a dynamic and changing worksite. The MAX PJRC160 Cordless Rebar Cutting Tool is powered by a 25.2v lithium ion battery, the same battery as the MAX Cordless Rotary Hammer PJR265 and same battery charger as the MAX RB217, RB397 and RB517 Rebar Tying Tools. The MAX PJRC160 Cordless Rebar Cutting Tool makes 176 #5 Grade 70 cuts per charge, has a 360 degree rotating head to easily align with the cutting area, weighs only 16.8lbs., takes only 3.3 seconds to make a cut and features a brushless motor. The PJRC160 also features reversible cutting blades that offer 5,000 cuts per side for a total of 10,000 cuts.