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With portland cement’s large carbon footprint, there has been much research to find alternative cementitious materials that generate less CO2 during production. Solidia Cement is made from the same raw materials as portland cement and is manufactured using similar kilns and grinding of the resultant clinker. This material, however, is made at about 1200 degrees C, which is about 250 degrees C lower than the temperature required for portland cement manufacturing. That temperature difference reduces CO2 generation by about 30%. One challenge: Concrete products made with this new cement cure by reacting with CO2 and, therefore, curing must take place in a CO2-rich environment—some sort of curing chamber, making this only useful for smaller precast parts. However, curing is very rapid for thin concrete products and the final CO2 footprint associated with the manufacturing and use of Solidia is about 70% lower than for portland. Visit