Even a relatively small home builder can realize big profits by setting and pouring his own basements with factory-built forms, judging from the experience of a small-scale builder in Billings, Montana. Contractor Norbert A. Paul purchased a standard set of 8 foot forms in 1956 at a cost of approximately 3,800 dollars. The prefabricated forms, constructed on one and one-eighth of an inch plastic-finished plywood with steel backing bars, were light in weight, easy to handle, and fast setting. After the first few pours the crew became adept at setting and stripping the forms, and time and labor costs were soon sharply reduced. Starting January 1, 1957, the Montana contractor began keeping careful costs records on each basement job. Using just one set of forms, he poured a total of 37 home basements during the year. The records indicate that in just 30 pours the entire initial investment in prefab forms was recovered in total, surely a remarkable indication of the sound economics of this outlay.