Pumice, scoria, and conventional concrete mixes were all used in construction of the award-winning Rockwood residence in Portland, Oregon. Expanses of glass figure prominently in the contemporary home, which has all its load-bearing wall panels made of pumice concrete. Conventional concrete was used in the foundation and ground floor slab, with scoria concrete for the second floor and roof slabs.

The reinforced wall panels, made with pumice concrete, were cast 11 feet 6 inches square to fit the architect's design module. The 10-inch panel thickness is made up of two 3 1/2-inch layers of concrete with a 3-inch core of urethane. Truss-like reinforcement of welded wire ties the two layers together through the insulation. Lightweight scoria concrete was used for the second floor and roof, which were a combination of precast and cast-in-place concrete.