Concrete can be pumped at rates of around 80 cubic yards per hour over distances up to 1,300 feet horizontally and 200 feet vertically. Pumping is currently the fastest growing method of handling concrete. The method offers greatly flexibility. Rehandling can be avoided entirely. A mix can be transported form delivery point to forms in a single operations with minimum labor, regardless of elevation problems or site obstructions. Even on a site where there are no obvious objections to the use of conventional methods of handling, pumping forma central delivery pont can provide substantial economy. The development of highly efficient and easily handled small line systems have increase the flexibility advantage. Specialized in pumping services are also ling much ton increase the acceptance in pumping. The pumping specialist, having the reward know how for a technique that can be difficult, can relive the contractor of a major investment in capital equipment. Large line systems are to costly to erect and dismantle and too cubersome to handle for most general concrete construction. The small line system using 2 to 4 inch diameter lightweight lines, where developed to overcome these disadvantages. The lines can be ridge or flexible.