The PG 680 RC
The PG 680 RC

Husqvarna presents a brand new remote-control floor grinder - the PG 680 RC - with a unique automated oscillation function. This allows the operator to mimic manual operation movements for higher efficiency and greater productivity and consistency on the job. At the same time, the PG 680 RC is flexible and fits through a standard door opening.

Using a remote controlled grinder delivers increased productivity over manual grinders due to the fact the operator can correct hoses and power cord, move the dust collector, inspect the floor, and prepare the next set of tools all while the machine is still running. The remote control unit can also optimize grinding parameters across multiple operators, resulting in more consistent operation and a better finished surface.

• Oscillation function - allows the operator to mimic manual operation movements. It creates the best possible grinding pattern by adjusting amplitude and frequency as well as a flatter floor by eliminating ridges.
• E-Track - allows the operator to set the machine to track in a straight line.
• Compact size - can easily move through a standard door opening.
• Increased productivity - higher output as optimum grinding parameters can be maintained over time. More grinding hours per day since one person can operate and prepare the next steps simultaneously.
• Parameter settings - enable consistent and better grinding performance.
• Ergonomic operation - operator is not exposed to vibrations and sideway forces of the machine.
• User friendly - intuitive display with two-way communication with machine.
• Transportation - effortless loading/unloading with integrated battery.
• Dual Drive Technology

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