Imagine living in a house that is fireproof, can safely protect you and your family from tornadoes and hurricanes, and is earthquake resistant. Your costs for heating and air conditioning are greatly reduced (at a time when energy costs could double), you have no need to worry about termites and rotting wood, and even in the center of a noisy city, the living space is quiet.

Now contractors can offer these benefits to U.S. homeowners at prices competitive with those for standard wood-frame construction thanks to improved forming systems for casting exterior and interior concrete walls and roof decks in one placement. Precise Forms, Wall-Ties and Forms, and Western Forms are the primary innovators of above-grade removable aluminum forming systems for residential home construction. These forms are lightweight and precise, and when the aluminum is properly conditioned for use with concrete, wall surfaces that are exceptionally smooth can be cast. With reasonable care, contractors can expect the forms to provide as many as 3000 uses.