A rentable modular forming system with components light enough to be handled by a single laborer helped a Valencia, Calif., contractor speed the construction of a 48,000 square feet of post-tensioned garage deck. Crews were able to erect 16,000 square feet of deck forms in only two days.

The system, manufactured by Safway Steel Products Inc., Waukesha, Wis., consists of only two main components--five-ply medium-density-overlaid plywood panels and galvanized tubular steel shores. Weighing about 46 pounds each, the panels and shores can be assembled and stripped from below the deck, improving job safety. The panels come in standard sizes of 1x6, 2x6, 2x6, and 3x6 feet and fit together precisely to minimize leakage of concrete through panel joints. A bearing support that inserts into the top of the square-head shore ensures precise intersection of four panel corners. Safway reports that the system, using standard 3x6-foot panels, can support slabs as thick as 13 or 14 inches with shore heights up to 19 feet, 3 inches with a safety factor of 3:1.