Contractors engaged in doing concrete construction work are realizing important savings these days through the replacement of such one use facilities as wooden stakes and form braces with reusable metal accessories. Metal form accessories such as stakes, braces, and spreaders are gaining rapid acceptance because they bring much of the economy of prefabricated forms to such categories of concrete work as driveways, sidewalks, footings, curbs and gutters, patios and garage floors. The use of such accessories fights the rising cost spiral on two fronts- by saving the materials themselves and by making it possible to effect substantial savings in labor costs. Experienced contractors point out that metal stakes are virtually indestructible and result in better workmanship. By contrast, wooden stakes require a labor investment to prepare them for reuse and that they leave much to be desired from the standpoint of accuracy. In addition to these direct savings, metal form accessories fight rising costs in several indirect ways. Their use accomplishes on most jobs about a 50% reduction in the number of nails used. The result is fewer nails to buy, a measurable saving in labor required to handle, drive and remove nails, and a general speed up of the whole operation of getting form lumber and accessories ready for reuse.