Mobile batcher mixers available today offer both concrete users and concrete suppliers a growing number of options in the mixing and delivery of concrete. The units may be either self-propelled or towed; they may move from place to place delivering small quantities of concrete which is mixed just at the time of placing...or they may be parked at larger projects to deliver a continuous flow of freshly mixed concrete. They can deliver as little as a wheelbarrow load or as much as 60 cubic yards per hour. The mobile machines can handle latex additives, wet or dry shotcrete mixes, and patching materials as well as conventional concrete.


One manufacturer calls his product a one-man-operated mobile on-site concrete mixing and delivery system. Another describes the unit as a combination materials transporter and mobile concrete mixing plant mounted on a transport vehicle, usually a truck or trailer. The machine has bins for dry, unmixed cement and aggregates; a tank for water; and usually injection or dispensing systems for accelerators, retarders, air entraining agents, or other admixtures.

There are at least three ways in which the mobile concrete batcher mixer is being used today:

  1. The mobile concrete batcher mixer can be used in the retail sale of concrete to deliver small quantities of concrete in a given local area.
  2. The units are also frequently used as temporary mixing plants on larger jobs.
  3. A third role for the mobile batcher mixer is as part of the equipment fleet of a large contractor--particularly one who may frequently use specialty concretes such as latex modified overlay mixes which must be placed very soon after mixing.