In cities where competition is lively and prices are tight, service by the ready mixed concrete supplier becomes paramount. One of the best ways for a ready mixed concrete company to become more useful to contractors is to establish a pumping operation. What better service can be provided than to deliver concrete right to the decks and forms instead of just to the site? The efficiency of pumping is not entirely confined to large jobs. Although a normal pumping job involves about 100 to 150 cubic yards of concrete, much work involves only 10 to 15 yards. In one job a mere two cubic yards were pumped and only a half hour was required. The job was up on a deck and would otherwise have required a rented crane with a six hour minimum charge, a bucket, and four or five men of several hours. Pumping was faster and cheaper. Reliability is fundamental to winning adherents and showing a profit. Downtime can mean losing a $400 or $500 job or wipe out all the gains if it becomes necessary to rent in an emergency. When studying and selecting machines, therefore, particular attention should be paid to checking on maintenance experience among users. A pump that requires spade replacement after, say, 10,000 cubic yards, requiring four or five days downtime and $3,000 expense if done outside the plant may not help make friends or money when things get rushed.