"Success in the concrete business starts and ends with people." - Dale Bone, Brundage-Bone Concrete Pumping, Beltsville, MD

"Success comes from a philosophy of being a team player on any concrete project and our continuing commitment to our customers to do whatever it takes to have a successful pour." - Patricia J. Hotz, Hotz Concrete Pumping Inc., Omaha, NB

"We know an operator is doing outstanding work when we get calls from superintendents in the field requesting specific operators back again." - Ken Allison, Meyer Material Co., Des Plaines, IL

"Our customers don't remember when things go right; they only remember when things go wrong. Our job is to keep things that go wrong to an absolute minimum." - Bill Germany, Tri-Way Concrete Pumping Inc., Bedford, TX

"The best selling of our company is done out on the street and out on the job by satisfying the customer."        -Dave Schweers, Cross Enterprises Inc., Indianapolis, IN