A minor but recurring problem in connection with the use of ready mixed concrete is the difficulty, especially where unstable ground conditions prevail on the job site, of maneuvering heavy trucks close to the form work or trenches being poured. While crane service, or the employment of runways and buggies, offer two relatively simple solutions to this problem, a different approach of possible interest to American contractors has been employed by a firm in Glasgow, Scotland. This company has made use of a portable transporter boom for conveying ready mix over difficult ground areas. The boom is of light aluminum construction with a 46 foot truss spanning the working area where foundation trenches had previously been prepared. The truss is supported at one end by a trestle up to which the truck mixer is backed. The concrete is poured into a bottom opening bucket which runs on a trolley attached to the bottom chord of the truss. The end of the boom nearest the truck mixer is supported from an A-frame in such a way that it is free to pivot; at the opposite end it is supported on wheels so that the entire assembly can readily be slewed into any desired position. The boom was built by the British Building Research Station and loaned to the contractor for experimental use. Even though site conditions were not ideal, it was the builder's opinion that the device contributed to both the speed and the all-around smoothness of handling.