A highly simplified plywood form is being produced, the design of which obviates the need for steel frames or coarse bars and wales. Reportedly, the forms can be more rapidly assembled than most commercial forming systems and can produce a superior wall. Following are some of the other features of the forming system: there is no attached hardware, and no screw or nails are used for assembly; all panel sizes are capable of joining each other on any edge; one standard set of forms can be used to frame any wall height- two, four, six, eight, ten feet or higher without labor loss; no wales are needed even for a 35 foot wall; and outside corners can be made on the job in a few minutes. The setting of forms can begin from any inside or outside corner. Setting can begin, if desired, from both ends of a wall and, at the point where they meet, fillers can be made on the job to the exact size needed. The standard method of using these new forms is the reverse the side exposed to the concrete each time they are used. This is readily accomplished since there in is no hardware to unbolt or unscrew from the surface of the panel. This reversibility continually compensates for the deflection caused by concrete pressures and keeps the panel surface more plane than is possible with most existing forming systems.