Ainsworth is launching a free educational online seminar to provide contractors with valuable information on how to minimize concrete forming costs through smart use of concrete forming panels.

The webinar, "Maximize Pours—Minimize Costs" includes tips and techniques enabling contractors to achieve the greatest number of panel reuses, and minimize concrete forming costs. The webinar is conveniently available on-demand, and can be viewed online or downloaded in multiple formats for future reference.

The webinar was developed the informative material in response to requests from contractors.

"We're frequently asked how to get more reuses from concrete-forming panels," says Mark Sutherland, sales manager, industrial and engineered wood products for Ainsworth. "One of our customers tells us he regularly gets 40 pours from his HDO, which is outstanding," Sutherland explains. "We'd like to help everyone realize the full benefits of overlaid concrete-forming products."

The 30-minute online seminar provides suggestions on how contractors can achieve higher reusability rates through careful use and simple techniques. Topics discussed in the educational presentation include tips for fabricating forms, using form release agents, pouring and vibrating, stripping and cleaning, repairing, storage and handling.

The webinar can be viewed online at