Dur-A-Tex LM is a quick-curing, single-component latex mortar requiring only the addition of water for mixing and use. Dur-A-Tex UM is a three-component urethane mortar supplied as a pre-measured kit for simple use on-site.

Both products are designed for bucket mixing and trowel application and can be applied prior to installing any of Dur-A-Flex’s Accelera, Hybri-Flex, Poly-Crete or Epoxy floor systems.

Dur-A-Tex LM is supplied in 50 lb. bags and each covers approximately 50 square feet at 1/8”. It can be applied as a skim coat up to 2 inches neat or up to 5 inches extended. Dur-A-Tex UM is supplied as a 40 lb. three-part kit consisting of a bag of aggregate and a pre-measured resin and hardener. Each kit covers approximately 14 square feet at ¼”. It can be applied at ¼ inch to 2 inches neat or up to 6 inches extended.

Dur-A-Flex, Inc.

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