DEWALT Cast-In-Place Anchors
Meant to be used in construction projects where the anchors are placed prior to the concrete being poured, these new anchors are designed to deliver fast and reliable installations.

DEWALT Woodknocker II
For use in wood concrete form applications, this cast-in-place insert anchor is designed to be more stable than previous designs. Improvements include a much wider base that reduces the likelihood of accidental kick over after installation.

For use in metal deck applications, this cast-in-place insert is used. The existing range is updated to include a multi-thread option for 3/8” or 1/2” rods.

DEWALT Deck Insert (DDI)
Metal deck forms are corrugated and the placement of the anchors must be exact according to the design of the project. The new DDI insert solves this common issue and allows a cast-in-place insert to be placed on any surface of the deck including the incline where traditional metal deck inserts cannot be installed.

DEWALT Post-Installation Anchors
While the increased productivity benefit of the cast-in-place method causes it to be the growing trend, the majority of construction projects continue to utilize the conventional post-installation method of anchoring. Like with cast-in-place anchors, quick installation is the top request from contractors.

For the Contractor installing structural components such as columns or beams as well as non-structural components like windows, warehouse racking or railing, the new Screw-Bolt+ allows for faster installation compared to a conventional anchor. Special geometry of the threads and dust relief grooves in the core allow for fast installation.

Adhesive Anchoring Solutions
Also a post-installation method of anchoring, the adhesive anchoring process is used to bond rebar or threaded rod into drilled holes in concrete and masonry. The post install rebar application is one that has very specific requirements to be completed correctly.

On track to launch in the front half 2017 is a matched system including a FLEXVOLT SDS Max Rotary Hammer with the performance to drill the deep holes required, a hollow drill bit range to clean the holes while drilling, and both acrylic and epoxy adhesives powered by a 20V MAX dispenser.


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