The QUIKRETE One Bag Wonder contest revealed a seemingly endless array of creative possibilities for do-it-yourself (DIY) projects completed with just one bag of concrete. That was demonstrated in August when more than 100 people entered interior and exterior home improvement, furnishing, design and décor concrete projects into the QUIKRETE One Bag Wonder contest. Despite stiff competition, Mike Moyer took home $2,500 and first place honors with a toilet tank sink topper designed to conserve about one gallon of water per person per day. The topper was constructed of QUIKRETE Countertop Mix.

John Olvey claimed second place and $1,500 with an ornamental sculpture created by molding concrete into the shape of an old surfboard. Three projects shared third place and received $250 each. Warren Ness shaped QUIKRETE Stucco around a wire mesh tube to form a driftwood candle holder. Mariano Garcia used QUIKRETE Crack Resistant Concrete to form the bottom and back of a textured desk seat. Andy Gaynor combined QUIKRETE 5000 and black walnut to build a multi-media kitchen island. Full descriptions and supporting photos for all the contest entries are available at QUIKRETE One Bag Wonder or by searching social media at #QUIKRETE1BagWonder.

“The creative appetite for concrete projects represented in the One Bag Wonder contest really exceeded our expectations,” said Frank Owens, Vice President of Marketing for QUIKRETE. “The projects ran the gamut from cake pedestals and beer taps to iPad chargers and rocket lamps to checkerboards and outdoor bars. They were all truly award-winning caliber concrete projects from DIY enthusiast across the country.”