Glendale Heights, IL – Sammys threaded rod anchors from ITW Buildex has earned its well deserved reputation in the field for many years. Known for its time-saving patented solutions for threaded rod anchoring into a range of categories for construction, Sammys capabilities have opened doors for a number of uses including fire protection, electrical, HVAC, piping and others. Recent new product development indicates many are taking advantage of Sammys design flexibility and cost savings.

At World of Concrete, the industry’s first and only cracked concrete and seismic-approved threaded rod screw anchor was introduced to the marketplace. The newly redesigned Sammys® Pole Tool is another device where the diverse product line is making it much easier and saving a considerable amount of time for crews to install and hang threaded rod anchors into wood, steel, and concrete. A complete product offering can be found at

“For more than 45 years, ITW Buildex has developed innovative products that save time and money and have improved the installation process for the construction industry. The Sammys line has shown a marked improvement from traditional methods when working with threaded rod anchoring into surfaces like concrete, wood, and steel. Time studies have shown using Sammys can result in over a 25% labor savings,” said J Schneider, Marketing Director for ITW Commercial Construction, North America.

“The Sammys product line is appealing to other trades because of its great flexibility and substantially easier installation process. For example, both wood and steel models can install directly into their substrate, eliminating the need to build a timely trapeze. Or, you can use our Swivel models that were created to eliminate rod bending when you have to work around other items in the ceiling,” informed Schneider.

In addition to installing into a wide range of substrates, the models are also able to accommodate installation vertically, horizontally, or at an angle up to 90 degrees. Installation takes about half the time compared to three-step drop-in wedge or multi-piece hardware methods. The concrete Sammys requires pre-drilling and offers Advanced Threadform Technology from Tapcon screws, which provide teeth at intervals on alternating threads and allows it to grip into concrete with outstanding holding power that traditional threads can’t duplicate. Wood and steel Sammys will install directly into the substrate.

To make the installation even easier, the new vertical design of the Sammys Pole Tool now comes fully assembled. Designed for working in tight spaces, through the ceiling grid, or with work involving high vaulted ceilings, it’s available in two telescoping sizes – one extends from 4-12 feet and the other from 6-18 feet – and removes the need for scaffolding, ladders or lifts. The Pole Tool can be adjusted to the desired length, requires loading the rod and choice of Sammys screw anchors, and the socket will spin free when the anchor is completely installed.

“The Sammys Pole Tool has a new design that allows you to work from the ground up and get to the hard to reach places,” concluded Schneider. “This improves the overall safety factor for workers since it eliminates the need for - and set-up time - to put a scaffold or lift in place, as well as the time to remove that equipment.”