• Benefits:

    Reusable -- eliminates the need to build a wood template for every base, resulting in the tool typically paying for itself on the first job

  • Saves Labor -- contractors report savings of at least half the time to set up and pour a pole base over traditional wood templates method
  • Reduces Risk -- patented arched arms provide ample room to finish top of base without removing the template, lowering the risk of "leaners" and costly rework
  • Standardizes the Process -- delivers a simple, 57% more efficient process for achieving consistent accuracy and quality in the construction of pole bases.
  • Innovative Features: arched arms allow access to trowel finish top of base before removing the template;
  • bolt slots for 5/8" to 1" diameter bolts, up to 36" in length, and pre-measured markings for 7" to 14" bolt circle patterns enable quick adjustments in the field;
  • built-in bubble levels for ease of monitoring during the pour;
  • wide arm openings make it easier to pour concrete from a chute and complete the job faster;
  • cage tie slots for holding the rebar cage centered in the forming tube during the pour.

The days of building wood templates are over!

Construction Innovations
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