It's hard to believe that World of Concrete 2008 has already come and gone.

During my time at WOC 2008, I had a chance to visit a number of the specific niche events held during the week, one being the Artistry Demos.

I noticed many concrete contractors strolling through the Artistry Demos with their eye on decorative concrete. A number that I spoke with mentioned that they currently did not participate in decorative concrete but they have observed the trend toward decorative concrete in commercial and residential applications in their geographic locations.

According to our records, we measured close to 10,000 attendees visiting the Artistry Demos, and of those many visited the site more than once—we even tallied one person who visited the site close to ten different times over the course of the Demos.

The truth lies in the numbers–concrete contractors are interested in diversifying their business, specifically through the quickly-expanding decorative concrete market.

One more note on WOC: For those of you who did not attend WOC 2008, you likely received the WOC E-Show Daily in your mailbox. This is the first time Concrete Construction produced an E-Show Daily as means to keep those not attending WOC informed to the daily news/events that took place at the show. I am interested in your feedback on the E-Show Daily, so email your comments to me at

I look forward to hearing from you.

Tim Gregorski
Editor in Chief