Born in Argentina, Eugenia Almeida came to this country 25 years ago when her husband received an offer to work at the University of Tennessee. After her children had all grown up and left home, she decided that she wanted to be involved in professional work. She attended law school for four years in Argentina but wanted to do something that made better use of her artistic talents. She says that she fell in love with textures while traveling in Italy but it wasn’t until she met and trained with Cindee Lundin (an Artistry presenter at the 2009 World of Concrete) that she decided she wanted to work with decorative concrete. So she organized her own company, A New Shue, Knoxville, Tenn., to install creative concrete finishes.

Almeida specializes in work using overlay cement. She builds countertops, fireplace surrounds, concrete doors, floors, and 3-dimensional carved concrete work up to 4 inches thick.

At a time when many companies are scrambling to find work, Almeida has more work than she has time for. She adds she will only contract with owners who are creative too. At the Artistry Demos, she will do 3-dimensional concrete carving work on a section of wall and on a door.