Twelve years ago Joe Quick started a pressure washing business in Wapakoneta, Ohio, providing service to other businesses in his area. Then eight years ago, after attending a three-day seminar training event, he decided to start a decorative concrete construction company. Artistic Concrete Coatings focuses on installing overlay cement, staining, epoxy coatings, and stencil patterning. Sometime after the start of his contracting business, he decided to open a product distribution business, representing a half dozen different manufacturers, including his own formulation of overlay cement material. He says that product sales are about 50% up from the past year when they exceeded his contracting business.

For his project at the Artistry demos, he plans to install layers of colored microtoppings, including taped stencils to simulate wood plank patterning. Afterward, he will add wood-graining and wood knots by hand and the finished work will be sealed with a urethane coating.