One of the twelve demonstrators at the Artistry Demos, being held during the 2011 World of Concrete show, is Ove Nordstrand. He is the owner of Dekorbetong Ltd., located in Ålesund, Norway-a small town located about one third of the north of the southern tip of the country along the Atlantic coast in the heart of fjords, mountains, islands, and ocean sounds. Nordstrand owned a ready-mix concrete company there for 20 years, established to supply concrete for bridge and undersea tunnel projects. During that time, he experimented with concrete mixes in an effort to find one that could be placed vertically with minimal slump, enabling him to construct vertical features without formwork. When he started his decorative concrete contracting company, this technique became one of the offerings.

Being able to do decorative concrete work without forms provides one with some freedom. For instance, imagine trying to form a spherical shape or a curving battered wall. But the right concrete mix isn't everything; workers must learn the skills needed to install the correct shapes with hand tools. Then projects can be very interesting and priced affordably.

Concrete Construction magazine has never heard of anyone doing this type of concrete work before-no less doing it for decorative purposes. When you visit the Artistry Demos you will be able to meet Nordstrand and see how he does it. We think you will be very impressed.