The 1-8DEZ is a versatile, lightweight shot blasting system used to prepare concrete surfaces prior to the application of paint, coatings, and overlay materials. Perfect for residential garage floors, pool decks, or balconies, the 1-8DEZ runs on 120 V. Optimal blast-wheel RPM is achieved through a unique gear set in the motor. With a manual travel speed and 9-in. blast pattern, this small blast machine is also ideal for decorative concrete uses such as profiling stencil patterns. It prepares up to 250 sq. ft./hour as it strips, cleans, and profiles easy step. Attached to the BDC-1216 dust collector, the 1-8DEZ operates virtually dust free. Cost-effective and environmentally friendly, this affordable shot blaster is a labor- and time-saving cleaning system for smaller sized jobs, and can be used in concrete preparation for wood floor installations. Blastrac. 800-256-3440.