The new 7-in. Blastrac premium grinder shrouds are made from a heavy-duty poured urethane. Two models are available from Blastrac: a full premium shroud and a hinged premium shroud. The hinged shroud offers a unique tongue and groove construction that allows shroud to easily convert from full to edging mode. Heavy duty external and internal steel bands are built in for a longer service life. Another stand out feature has to be the innovative insert system. Five inserts are included that can fit some of the most popular 7-in. grinder manufactures in the market today such as Blastrac, DeWalt, Milwaukee, Hitachi, and Metabo grinders. The Premium Shrouds are easy to install, no tools required.

Use the Blastrac Premium Shrouds as part of the dust containment system on Hand grinders, sanders or polishers to help reduce airborne dust and particulates. The Shroud facilitates a cleaner and safer work environment when grinding, planing, or removing coatings from concrete. When coupled with the BDC-1112EU or BDC-1216 dust collector, and equipped with the Blastrac premium shrouds the 05-BL233 Grinder operates with nearly all dust eliminated.


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