Chris Swanson, along with his father and best friend, are partners in their company, which focuses on intricately designed and detailed diamond-polished floors. They engrave patterns using angle grinders with diamond blades or design adhesive stencils that are strong enough to handle bead-blasted profiles into the concrete through open parts in the stencil. Swanson works out his own designs for each project. They also formulated an ingredient they can add to solvent dyes to push a color seamlessly from one color to another at the opposite end of a design element.

After diamond polishing his slab to 400-grit (starting at 60-grit), he adhered his 34-part stencil to the slab, weeding out the parts that would be bead-blasted. He made three passes with a light-duty bead blaster, alternating directions each time. Then he began dye staining using a small compressed air sprayer, pulling parts of the stencil and adding additional masking for each color, a tedious process that took most of his time. He completed the project by burnishing with a diamond impregnated strip pad and applying lithium silicate.

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