A patented machine that can apply liquid coatings to concrete floors in a fraction of the time it takes to apply coatings manually is now available. This self-propelled machine has two 10-foot-long applicator blades, one at the front and one at the rear, that quickly and evenly spread coatings onto prepared concrete or asphalt surfaces. Power is supplied by a 5-hp gasoline engine. The machine is as easy to operate as a riding lawn mower. As the machine travels forward, the driver simply steers it around any obstacles by pushing levers that control the drive wheels. On straight paths with no obstacles, the floor coater doesn't even need a driver. It automatically travels in a straight track and follows the contour of the base being coated.

Most liquid floor coatings must be applied in two coats. When using the floor coater, apply the second coat in the opposite direction of the base coat. The floor coater can apply any type of liquid coating for concrete or asphalt. Several proprietary coating products designed especially for application by the floor coater are available from the machine manufacturer. One is a wear-resistant, nonskid coating made of acrylic resins, mineral fillers, and colorfast pigments.

Also available are fast-drying acrylic concrete floor sealers designed for use in low-, medium-, or heavy-traffic areas.