Although there are several ways of obtaining an exposed decorative aggregate facing on precast concrete panels, there seems to be at present only one practical method of achieving such a facing on cast-in-place concrete surfaces: namely aggregate transfer. The aggregate transfer method is actually quite simple and straight forward. It consists basically of: (1) preparation of a form liner by "glueing" a single layer of decorative aggregate on a sheet of plywood; (2) attaching the liner to the interior of the forms and pouring the concrete; and (3) stripping the forms and liners after the concrete has cured. Since the bond of the aggregate to the concrete is greater than to the glue, the aggregate layer is transferred to the concrete surface. The procedure is not easy and care must be taken to achieve the desired results. However, it can, and has, produced many handsome architectural accents that have been a source of pride to designers, contractors, and owners.