One overriding concern of concrete polishing contractors has been the lack of standards for this growing sector of the concrete construction industry. Concrete polishing is no longer in its infancy. You could say it’s in its teenage development years. It’s time for it to mature.

The Concrete Polishing Association of America (CPAA) has taken a big step in this direction. The group last week released its Glossary of Polishing Industry Terms. “With the establishment of these standardized definitions, contractors, owners, and architects can communicate more clearly about the desired surface and necessary processes,” said Brad Burns, executive director of the CPAA. “The result of the standardization will be a higher quality end-product.”

Aggregate exposure, gloss measurement, reflective clarity, reflective sheen, and liquid densifiers are just some of the terms CPAA has defined. Click here to link to CPAA’s glossary. 

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