Decorative concrete may be only a tiny sliver of the concrete business, but it is one of the most impressive to the general public and is helping to change the image of concrete into something that feels trendy and modern. After 2000 years, concrete is becoming modern! But some of the innovative decorative work being done with concrete reinforces that notion. I just completed judging the ASCC Decorative Concrete Council awards that will be announced in February at the World of Concrete. Some very impressive projects that we will soon be telling you about.

To see some decorative concrete work being done in person, stop by the Artistry Demonstrations in the Silver Lot at WOC. We are still looking for a couple of artists, so if you have ever considered doing a demo or know someone who has, let me know. To sweeten the pot a bit, we recently got an offer from Laticrete to contribute the materials (polishable decorative overlays and dyes) for a demo to any contractor willing to use their materials—and they are even offering to match any prize money that artist wins from the show ($700 for first and $300 for second). To apply to perform one of the WOC Artistry demos, click here.