A concrete cave and polished concrete Scrabble board were deemed the best projects at the Artistry in Decorative Concrete demonstrations at the Concrete Surfaces Decorative Pavilion at the 2013 World of Concrete, held Feb. 5-8 in Las Vegas.

This year’s Artistry demos introduced a new competitive aspect. In addition to the Attendees’ Choice balloting, the projects were judged by a panel of experts from the American Society of Concrete Contractors’ (ASCC) Decorative Concrete Council, with a cash prize awarded to the winner.

A team assembled by Adrian Gascon of Fillmore, Calif., created the winning entry, as chosen by both the attendee balloting and the ASCC expert panel. The project featured the entrance to a rocky cave, complete with a moving door. Outside the entrance sat a sculpted Buddha figure in a meditative pose, beside a leafless concrete tree. Mist from a hidden fog machine added to the atmosphere, as did the sound of flutes and percussion instruments being played by artisans and guests. The judges praised the entry for its scope, dynamism, and execution.

Concrete polishing specialist Roy Bowman and his team from Tulsa, Okla., created an impressively detailed three-dimensional depiction of a Scrabble game in progress. Bowman’s entry came in second in both the experts’ and attendees’ ballots. The team began by grinding a cast-in-place slab to suitable smoothness, and then rounding off the edges to suggest the top of a game table. The judges praised its “awesome detail and concept.”

Among the most popular decorative exhibits was Butterfield Color’s booth, which came in first place in the Attendees’ Choice balloting and was named Best Overall by the expert judges. The judges deemed Solomon Color Inc.’s exhibit the best for flatwork, and Smith Paints’ as tops for specialty products.

More details about these and all of the Artistry projects will be in the March issue of Concrete Surfaces. Also look for a special digital issue of the magazine in April.