The PORTAMIX HIPPO PMH 70F mixing station allows for quick mixing and accurate placement of construction compounds, which boosts productivity, lowers labor costs, and reduces physical effort. Cement screeds, grout, mortar, texture coatings, sealants, adhesives, and other self-leveling compounds and construction materials can be easily mixed in a short time. With the HIPPO PMH 70F, one person can mix, transport, and pour directly onto the floor. It features an “Easy-Roll Trolley” and balanced “Easy-Tilt Cradle” that allow the user to pour, accurately place, and spread up to 20 gals. (4- or batches) of material at the same time. The specially shaped mixing bowl eliminates of unmixed product producing excellent mix consistency and also makes cleaning out easy. The bowl’s spout lets the user pour into small containers without mess or waste. The tilting cradle is balanced for easy operation. Additionally, the mixing motor can be reverse mounted for “alongside” mixing in smaller containers. CS Unitec. 800-700-5919.