Dave Pettigrew and Dave Wilber
Joe Nasvik Dave Pettigrew and Dave Wilber

Dave Pettigrew says that he was originally a carpenter and got involved with concrete by framing foundations. He was fascinated with concrete and the possibilities. That fascination led to the formation of his company, which does all types of concrete work including foundations, retaining walls, and slab-on-grade work. Then he watched men installing chemical-stained work and was intrigued, leading him to start a decorative division.

Dave Wilber owns a precast concrete company and is an expert mold maker. He and Pettigrew started working together recently to produce decorative precast work.

Pettigrew and Wilber used their talents as precasters for their demonstration. They built a waterfall wall composed of several precast elements. It took three weeks to complete all the castings. Both men are very detail oriented and each piece was carefully crafted. They also brought a large bowl-shaped mold to the demos, casting concrete pieces, to show visitors how to control their concrete mixes to provide the level of detail found in their work.

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