David Mitchell
Joe Nasvik David Mitchell

David Mitchell's company is both a manufacturer of overlay materials and a contractor. Mitchell heads up the contracting division, while his partner Dominick Freda oversees the manufacturing and training division. He says they are very customer oriented and install projects that are more design focused.

Mitchell said he wanted to show work at the Artistry demos that had design appeal, but that also would be something installed on a jobsite. So he used plywood and wood studs to build low retaining walls with columns and caps at the corners, adding that on a jobsite they would use concrete block construction. He brushed in the first application of overlay cement, adding three more coats using a magic trowel (a rubber squeegee-type tool). Next, the columns were masked to form the joints for an ashlar rock pattern. Each stone was textured and hand colored to provide a realistic appearance.

On the floor slab, he engraved a diagonal strip. A copper sheet then was epoxied to the surface of the concrete with the edges cemented into the engraved cuts. Using a torch, he provided a patina look to the copper. The remaining parts of the slab were either diamond polished or textured with overlay cement and colored by first flooding the area with water and then adding color to achieve subtle coloration. He applied a solvent acrylic sealer to finish the work.

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