Author shares design concepts

The Advanced Countertop Design Training and Certification Program is an intensive 5-day program in which award-winning designer and author Fu-Tung Cheng shares his design concepts and trade secrets for creating concrete countertops. Each class is limited to 12 participants, encouraging an exclusive and intimate training environment. The program includes demonstrations and videos that illustrate techniques, extensive question-and-answer sessions, and hands-on crafting of Cheng's designs. Cheng Concrete Exchange, 510-849-3272, Circle 1.

Improve the look of concrete

Vertical Concrete Stain is a cost-effective way to color and improve the appearance of large concrete structures, including parking garages, stadium supports, tilt-up, block, stucco walls, and other applications. The stain, which can he applied to new or existing concrete, acts as a water repellent, offers excellent adhesion, and resists fading, blistering, and efflorescence. The stain goes on easily with conventional spray equipment, dries quickly, and offers favorable sag resistance and little overspray. It offers better weather protection than conventional acrylic coatings, without adding excessive cost. Sherwin-Williams Co., 800-524-5979, Circle 2.

New texture rollers

Seven new textures have been added to the company's line of texture roller tools. The interchangeable sleeves are 22.5 inches wide and allow contractors to offer a wide range of surface effects for minimal additional cost. The frame handle that protrudes from only one end of the tool enables users to apply textures to walls. For smaller areas not accessible to large rollers, a 6-inch-wide hand-held version is available; 24-inch-square mats facilitate walking out onto the concrete to texture small areas. Artcrete Inc., 888-328-9321, Circle 3.