Overshoes for finishing concrete

Finishing Slicks overshoes are worn while finishing concrete. Their tapered edges eliminate the need to patch holes and marks that normal work shoes and knee boards leave behind. These overshoes slip over and strap around the existing shoe and are manufactured in a universal size. They are easy to clean, durable, and won't adhere to most concrete surfaces. Concrete Innovations. 866-975-4257. www.finishingslicks.com.

Paper stencils

The Stenciled Concrete paper stencil patterns resemble brick, stone, or tile. On fresh concrete, the stencil is placed on the surface and a dry-shake color hardener is applied over the stencil and troweled in. After the concrete has set, the stencil is removed to reveal the pattern. Using textured rollers and release agents further improves the surface's appearance. Artcrete Inc. 888-328-9321. www.artcrete.com.

Remote-control grinding

The HTC 950 RX remote-controlled grinder uses four-head technology to balance the grinding process and make grinding easier. This low-maintenance machine grinds in a 36-inch-wide path from 450 to 1400 rpm. A backup battery makes it easy to drive the grinder onto or off of a trailer or without connecting the 100-foot power cord. An optional mist cooler system attachment cools the diamond tooling to avoid diamond glazing. HTC Inc. 877-482-8700. www.htc-america.com.

Designs in the round

Decorative Masking Patterns make it easy to add intricate and colorful patterns in your interior and exterior concrete resurfacing projects. Use them with integrally colored micro-toppings to create everything from artistic accents to allover treatments. Designs include medallions, borders, corners, and full-sized Concrete Carpets. Custom design services also are available. Modello Designs. 800-663-3860. www.modelloconcrete.com.