Steve Vandewater
Steve Vandewater

During my contracting career, I have been very fortunate to meet industry leaders, speak at World of Concrete, and participate in the show’s Artistry in Concrete demos. Contracting wasn’t always an easy road for me, but like everyone else, I learned from my successes and failures.

Now, I have a great opportunity to share my experiences with you. Starting with the March issue, I will be writing the Decorative Concrete column for Concrete Surfaces.

For 20 years I have installed decorative concrete in central Indiana. My company, ArtistiCrete LLC, specialized exclusively in stamping and stenciling fresh concrete, acid staining, and pouring concrete countertops. I sold my contracting business in 2011 to manage a local decorative concrete supply store. My new duties include troubleshooting and helping contractors avoid problems.

I have benefitted greatly from speaking with other contractors about their experiences. It was my favorite method of learning because I knew that these guys had suffered through exactly the same trials. Upcoming articles in Concrete Surfaces will draw on their experiences, as well as my own.

Future segments will focus on decorative concrete problems and how to avoid them. From crusting cracks or areas of insufficient texture, to mismatched colors and slippery stamped concrete, I will cover it all. Hopefully, something I share will click with another contractor and motivate him to adjust his methods. After all, it’s only by improvement and adaptation that we can continue to grow the industry.