San Diego-based Dust Collection Products released an upgraded version of its original Dust Muzzle. The Dust Muzzle Ultra, an efficient side-mounted vacuum pickup system, features a flexible adapter ring that allows firm attachment to all grinders without the need to pinch off the hose clamp. Pollutants are forced through the exhaust port, using the grinder wheel’s centrifugal forces, and into a standard 2-hp industrial vacuum, removing up to 99% of the pollutants. Use the unit when grinding fiberglass, concrete, wood, paints, and epoxies. It can be used with a variety of sanding equipment, including sandpaper, diamond cup wheels, wet-or-dry polishing pads, and soft pad discs.

Made from a rugged, durable plastic, the unit remains flexible even when temperatures reach -20º F. The Dust Muzzle Ultra fits 4- to 5-in. and 7- to 8-in.-diameter grinders by adjusting the collar, spacer washers, and flexible adapter rings. The unit goes for $29.50.