Elastocolor products are professional, ready-to-use, water-based, 100%-acrylic coatings for use on above-grade exterior/interior concrete, masonry, fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites and exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS).

The products in the Elastocolor product range include:
1. Elastocolor Flex
2. Elastocolor Coat
3. Elastocolor Paint
4. Elastocolor Primer WB

Elastocolor Flex offers a superior, exterior, above-grade, vertical surface coating solution. It has the highest elastomeric properties when compared to competitive products, offering 825% elongation in performance testing.

Elastocolor Coat has a high build during installation and can be applied onto FRP composites. This product has been formulated to meet the performance criteria of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) for elastomeric coatings. Elastocolor Coat also offers excellent abrasion resistance for longevity in severe weather conditions, and with a “dry to touch” time of 3 to 5 hours, provides a faster installation time.

Elastocolor Paint is formulated at a lower “paint-like” viscosity, with high-hiding characteristics. It is offered in a smooth (non-textured) appearance and has enough “build” to achieve bridge cracking up to 1/32" (1 mm).

Elastocolor Primer WB is a water-based acrylic primer for use with Elastocolor coatings that improves adhesion on porous, dusting and new substrates. Elastocolor Primer WB acts as an adhesion promoter on the substrate to enhance bonding. It is recommended for use on substrates exhibiting chalky, dusting surfaces after cleaning as well as for new or porous substrates and in hot, windy conditions.

David Mowery, MAPEI product manager for color products, said, “It is always important to bring to the table a ‘system solution’ for engineers, architects and building contractors. Bundled with other MAPEI products in the Concrete Restoration line, MAPEI has the project covered from bottom to top. This is a professionally-geared product family that has been offered in Europe for a number of years and is now being introduced in the Americas. It offers a full solution for many different exterior and interior facades and contains BioBlock technology for prevention of mold and mildew in the coating.”

Elastocolor Flex, Elastocolor Coat and Elastocolor Paint are available in 25 standard colors. All three coatings can also be tinted to any custom color desired using the MAPEI ColorMap system, a high-performance, spectrophotometer, auto-dispenser, shaker, and customized color-matching software system that has the ability to measure a sample and generate any custom color required for a project.


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