“There is a growing high-end garage floor market for epoxies,” says Tim Goote, owner, Acme Epoxy Flooring, Grand Rapids, Mich. “It's easy to clean, seamless, and people love to look at it.”

Goote does a shot blast preparation for garage floors, fills cracks with flexible epoxy, squeegees out the epoxy, sprays flake with a hopper gun, and lets it cures, usually overnight. The next day he scrapes the extra chips and applies a clear polyurea topcoat. The nonbreathable epoxy reduces MVT. He says there are some problems with outgassing that create bubbles in the epoxy, but adding aggregate holds the bubbles down. His usual time period from beginning to end for 600 square feet is two days and a morning, including preparation time.

“Good preparation is the key. I provide a three-year warranty for delamination and discoloration. If it lasts three years in Michigan it will stay,” says Goote.

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