Born and raised in Argentina, Eugenia Almeida has lived in the U.S. for the past 25 years. She and her husband moved here when he was offered a teaching position at the University of Tennessee. After raising five children, she pursued a professional career. Taking after her artisan father, she wanted to explore her artistic ability.

On a trip to Italy, she was inspired by the textures she saw and the idea of working with them. But it wasn’t until a training event with Cindee Lundin, of Perham, Minn., that led her to decorative concrete. As a result, she started A New Hue where she focuses on walls, columns, floors, and concrete countertops. At a time when many contractors are trying to find work, she remains busy.

Almeida’s focus at the Artistry Demos was constructing a wall and door out of vertical overlay concrete. A stock size fiberglass door and frame was attached to a wood and drywall stud wall. She started by applying a polymer, followed by a thin coat of overlay cement, covering all surfaces. Then she applied a thicker overlay cement for texturing and carving. Almeida says the product can be built up as much as 4 inches thick. She used texture mats to apply wood graining to the door, handcarved door hinges, and textured wall areas, carving raised door molds and the column faces on either side of the doors.

One interesting sidenote: Someone from Minnesota learned Almeida was handcarving a door for the demos and drove to Las Vegas to bring it back to Minnesota for his home.

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