Flagstone with Aztec Suns and Navajo Borders
Location: Green Valley, Ariz.
Contractor: C-TEC Concrete Covering Inc., Green Valley, Ariz.

Here Aztec suns were design-taped in the center of multicolored flagstone and then sponge stained. Navajo borders were incorporated into the expansion joint areas of this 1500-square-foot project.

The project was done with a two-man team. The base coat was squeegeed within three and a half hours. One man did the flagstone taping in eight hours. The seven Aztec suns were taped with 1/4 filament tape after using a metal frame to markthe pattern.

The topcoat was applied using a flat figure-eight technique. This took about seven hours with two men: one man troweling while the other is mixing and keeping the surface wet. The hand-staining took 13 man-hours. The total project was 45 man-hours over a period of five days.