Formliners allow contractors to achieve a wide range of architectural finishes. The largest market for formliner-textured concrete surfaces is highway projects. Next in popularity are unit masonry formliners, especially rock patterns that come in a variety of textures and patterns. Realistic patterns and textures can be installed for much less than natural materials. A formliner-textured wall is cast in one lift, important especially for bridge construction.

The three primary ways to attach liners to wall forms are gluing, screwing, and nailing. Each manufacturer recommends a fastening system for the liners it sells.

The market for formliner textured surfaces on concrete walls is growing. Transportation departments are currently specifying formliners for the construction of sound walls, retaining walls, barrier and floodwalls, and bridge construction.

The final cost per square foot of formliner depends on the care given to it on the jobsite by the contractor.