With more than 70 million users (according to the French social media agency Semiocast), the social media site Pinterest is perhaps one of the most widely used online tools for generating design ideas. It's especially important for decorative concrete contractors to be aware of what's on Pinterest considering that a majority of the users are female, and research shows that women are more often the key decision makers when it comes to home design decisions. Here's a look at six popular trends that we found when we searched "decorative concrete" on Pinterest.

1. Concrete floors that look like wood. 

2. Concrete showers

3. Decorative concrete lighting

Unit-Berlin Concrete Lamp

4. Concrete Firepits

This furnature piece is meant to be an eye-catching fire, water, and plant exhibit. Artistry in Decorative Concrete 2012: Justin Burd. Photo by Joe Nasvik.

5. Concrete Tables
File:Mølleparken 1.JPG

6. Concrete Countertops

CTS Cement

What trends are you seeing out there?