We're the general contractor for a repair project that includes applying an epoxy terrazzo floor coating on an existing concrete floor. The floor is 1 year old and was treated with a cure-and-seal product after it was poured. We're looking for an economical method to remove the cure-and-seal. The coating applicator says he wants the floor shotblasted and won't guarantee his work unless that's the surface preparation method used. However, we think chemical cleaning of the floor would be less costly. What chemicals can be used to remove cure-and-seal products?
You need to find out what cure-and-seal product was used, then contact the manufacturer and ask what solvents will remove it. It's likely that toluene, xylene, or similar solvents will do the job. In comparing the economics of different surface preparation methods, however, you may not be considering all the factors. Most solvents used to remove coatings are hazardous materials and require stringent safety precautions. You'll also have to arrange for disposal of the solvent. And if you're working with an inexperienced crew, the solvent cleaning may not be done thoroughly enough. How will you know if all the floor area has been treated? That's probably why the applicator won't guarantee his work unless the floor is prepared by mechanical methods. Any savings resulting from using the chemical cleaning are likely to disappear if there's a bond failure of the epoxy product.