In the World of Concrete’s Artistry in Decorative Concrete Demonstrations, creativity is a given. Here are a few more tips to help you make your project award-worthy.

Incorporate multiple elements to create a sellable design
The judges love demos that translate to real-world applications. Last year’s Experts’ Choice winner created an exposed-aggregate retaining wall with lights inset, a patio with a stamped concrete border and pervious concrete center, and a functioning water/fire feature. The pervious center served as a reservoir for water spilling onto it from the wall-top water/fire feature. This was a complete patio design that the artisan said “you can actually sell to the customer.”

Partner with an architect
By working with an architect or landscape architect, participants can produce more complete projects representing products and designs that can realistically be sold in the marketplace.

Use innovative materials and techniques
And tell us about them in your application.

Submit a detailed plan
Your application should also include a detailed plan, with specifications. (An easy method would be to take a “snapshot” of an existing plan or project and use that for the basis of design at the demo.)

Turn in your application early
To win, first you must be selected to participate. Give yourself every advantage by turning in your application ahead of the deadline.

Get sponsors
Although there is no entry fee, artisans must provide their own materials, tools, and equipment. Sponsors can help ease these costs, freeing you up to focus more on your design.

Learn from previous winners
You can read about last year’s winning projects. For insight from last year’s judges, check out the 2014 WOC Daily News Post Show Review (Digital Edition).

Contact Kenneth Hooker at, 708-524-8042 or Vikki Sicaras at, 773-824-2504.