Jason Lehtonen
Joe Nasvik Jason Lehtonen

Jason Lehtonen's company markets both vertical and horizontal stamped concrete. He adds that they install a lot of swimming pool decks and are getting more involved with outdoor kitchens. They do quite a bit of custom-stamped concrete and have developed ways to keep the costs reasonable.

Lehtonen decided to do a graphic of the old Las Vegas “Rat Pack”—Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr. Work started by using computer design software to create the graphic. The files were then loaded on a computer numerically controlled (CNC) router to cut out the seven stamps and masks required for the project.

After concrete placement, the masks were set into position and dry shake color hardeners applied and finished to color portions of the graphic. When the concrete was hard enough, the impressions were stamped with the stamp lines matching the color separations. The following day the work was washed and lightly acid washed. Then black color mixed with overlay cement was used to color the remaining areas. Sealing was the final step.

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